About Our Company

PLAC (Power & Light Automation Company) was founded in 2010 as a panel builder. Since its inception, we have built our strong name in panel boards assembly. We continue to increase and improve our product line and we aim for the client’s utmost satisfaction.

PLAC has proven its proficiency and expertise through many projects executed across Lebanon and overseas.

In 2018, PLAC moved to a new location with over 600 square meters of company space, with larger offices and greater storage capacity.
This remarkable move allowed PLAC to increase its output and take over more larger projects. PLAC encompasses sophisticated tools and equipment in addition to state of the art

programs and software to nest a perfect project and reduce process time and maintain high levels of efficiency.

Provide every client with an electrical system designed to meet their specific needs.
We therefore look to build long standing relationships with our clients based on integrity and honest commitment.

● Specify, Promote, communicate.
● Quote, tender.
● Design, develop.
● Build, Assemble, Wiring, testing.
● Ensure compatibility and high edge services.
● Continuous Maintenance.

We put hard work, attention to details, and determination in each and every project we complete at PLAC. We provide our customers with innovative ideas, appropriate equipment, and up-to-date technologies in order to complete their project successfully, on-time, and within budget.

PLAC strongly believes that its success is based on the customer’s confidence in its products.

The products provided by PLAC are assembled from components provided by the top worldwide suppliers. The assembly work is done in strict and precise compliance with the supplier’s certification requirements.

Therefore, the management of PLAC urges every employee to accomplish the assembly work accurately, according to the regulatory requirements as stipulated in the supplier’s certification documentation.
The management strives as well to provide adequate and recurrent training for its employees.

We are keen to maintain and constantly improve our quality management system in order to meet, and even exceed, our customer’s confidence as well as expected.

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